Hello Amazing Reader,

Thank God for the blessings of a brand new week. How did your weekend go? Trust you had a great time of fellowship at church yesterday (whether virtually or physically)?

What does the help of God mean to you? Personally, the  help of God translates to divine enablement- that is the power to perform beyond my limitations.

In the words of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, when a man helps you, he can at best assist you to get to his own level; which is rare in itself. But when God helps you, He takes you as far as His hands can go.

Can you picture this for a minute? It means infinite help is available for you when God helps you.

While making his appeal to King Agrippa in Acts 26:22, Paul said, “But in spite of all this, I have experienced the supernatural help of God up to this very moment. So I’m standing here saying the same thing that I’ve shared with everyone, from the least to the greatest…”(The Passion Translation)

This was Paul (formerly Saul), who not only stifled the growth of the gospel in Jerusalem, he was also responsible for the death of quite of number of believers at the time. Yet, the same person after he got born again was being used of God to propagate the gospel. But for the help of God, Paul had no business witnessing to others about the Way (i.e. Jesus).

What is that thing that appears far-fetched for you? It doesn’t matter what department of your life it is, God’s help is available for you. You only have to ask Him to help you and be willing to obey. Right before your eyes, He will translate you to realms only His hand can get you to. And you’ll testify just like Paul, I have experienced the supernatural help of God up to this very moment; Amen!