Hello Blessed One,

How are you? How’s the week been? We’ve got a super duper message for review today.

One of the most controversial issues in the body of Christ today is the subject of kingdom wealth. There are so many opinions about it; and a good majority opine that believers shouldn’t be wealthy. Well, while the world might have a problem with your being a prosperous believer, your God doesn’t. In fact, He wills for you to prosper in every area of your life.

Even earthly parents are pleased when their children are comfortable. How much more your heavenly father. He is wealth personified, you know? He expects that you express His wealth.

There’s some interesting revelation Minister Jerry Savelle shares in this message as well. He says while the blessing of God empowers you to prosper, the favour of God produces the opportunities to make it happen. Deep right?It’s one thing to have an ability, but what good is it when you lack the opportunities?

This message opens you up to the symbiotic relationship that exists between God’s blessing and favour-you need them both. This was from way back 2013 at the Southwest Believer’s Convention, hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries; seven years later, it’s still as awesome!

In addition, the 2020 Southwest Believer’s Convention holds in a few days. It runs from August 3rd to 8th 2020. It’s the 40th edition too 💃💃 Do well to register here.