Hello Amazing Reader,

How’s August coming along?

We’ve been part of the 40th Southwest Believers Convention organized by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and what a glorious time it has being; God has been using all of the ministers to bring forth the word in incredible dimensions.

Our focus for today’s review is one of the messages Creflo Dollar preached, which he titled, Living in the no lack zone. You’re probably wondering how possible that is, in the face of the economic downturn the world is currently faced with.

Well, that’s why you really should listen to this message. The minister emphasizes the possibility of being amply supplied for, at all times, drawing scriptural references to expound this.

Also, he lets us know that meekness is of utmost importance, if we would live in this zone; because God won’t provide for the proud individual who thinks he/she is self-sufficient.

Furthermore, he addresses those who think wealth/ prosperity is an indication of sin. You really should listen to this.

And as much as you can, do join in the rest of the convention. It’s only two days left, you’ll be really blessed. You may also catch up on the sessions you missed out on.

Creflo Dollar ministering at the Southwest Believers’ Convention