Hi Fam, it’s only two more sleeps before February 2021. Isn’t God great?

Hallelujans and potential hallelujans, this one’s for you 💃💃🕺🕺🎶. The Hallelujah Challenge host, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey has declared by the spirit of God that the incoming month of February would be a praising one.  That is to say, there would be a hallelujah challenge in February 2021. Are you excited or what!

If you’ve ever joined the challenge, you know this is a major deal because God does fearful things through this platform. You’ve probably been hearing about testimonies, but you’re wondering if they are real because they sound too good to be true. Well, why not join in this time, leaving your bias at the door and see what Olowogbogboro (the one with the outstretched arm) will do for you.

For you who has had a testimony or tons of it through the challenge, please join in again because God isn’t done with you yet. Encourage your circle to join in as well. And no,  this isn’t for bandwagon effect, but that all men may know that there is a God in heaven who saves, heals and delivers.

Stay tuned to Pastor Nathaniel’s page for more information.