Hello Dear One,

Welcome to another review edition. It’s the month of love; a beautiful time to get acquainted about the ultimate love plan. We thought to share this again, in case you missed the initial post.

Guess what? I finally ‘met’ Tommy  Lee Osborn 💃💃

You’re probably wondering why it took me this long right? I really can’t place a finger on it myself, but I was graciously gifted with a copy of this book for my last birthday. I thought I had randomly picked a book to read over the 2020 Easter break, but as you know there are no coincidences with God.

This book has me on an entirely new love affair with God. It makes me realize how much God loves me. In fact, He loved me long before I knew of His love, and felt I was worthy of His love. He sent His son to die for me, just so that I could have unimpeded access to the throne of grace.

His love for me is so unconditional that regardless of my transgressions, He won’t stop loving me. I beat myself up for making mistakes and I think I am unworthy, still He’s unflinching about His love for me.

By accepting and coming to terms with His unconditional love, God expects that we attract others into the love nest. They are also part of His love plan, but He requires that we express this love towards them, so that they also can receive His love.

As the author states, if you love Him well enough, you will freely let others know about Him. The book contains several testimonies of how God used the author’s family to bring millions of people into God’s love nest- the downtrodden, sick, poor, wretched, atheist, unchurched, etc.

In sum, the book lets you in on God’s love for you and His desire for you to express this love to others. I’m sure you are eager already, it’s available here.