Hello Amazing One,

It’s great to have you here😀 . That’s not beginning to sound cliché, is it? We honestly mean it when you say that because you really could have been on some other site or doing something else with your time. So, we don’t take your being here for granted. Not now, not ever.

On our slate today is a message on parenting. Quite unpopular for a Sunday Service message you might think, but when you listen through, you’ll realize this is nothing short of a reminder from God Himself directed at parents and would-be parents.

The world has made several attempts at foiling God’s purpose for the family. According to God’s plan and intent, the family is a platform for raising godly seeds. It is not the duty of the children ministers at Church, or the religious knowledge teacher at school. Parents are supposed to be the channels through which their child(ren) get to know about God.

Recall how God testified of Abraham in Genesis 18:17-19. He was confident that Abraham would command His children in the way of the Lord. Can God say that of you as a parent? Are you bringing up your seed(s) according to Biblical precepts? Are you telling them to do one thing, yet they see you doing something entirely different?

Abraham could command His children after Him, because He also had a relationship with God. Your success as a parent begins with a relationship with God. When you are full of God, your seed(s) can feed from you because you can’t give what you don’t have.

All these and more are examined in this message. Listen and be blessed. Be sure to share with everyone within your circle, it’ll bless them.

*P.S: The message begins at 40:00, and there are two other parts in the second and third services.