Jesus calms the storm (x2)

Jesus can do anything for me

You would agree with me that it is almost impossible to watch this movie and not immediately learn this song.

Hello Dear One,

Thank you for joining today’s review edition. Have you seen Jailer?  It is full of Biblical lessons. From forgiveness, to ministering to lost souls, to restoration that comes through salvation, among others.

It tells the story of a little girl who watched her father get killed by robbers. That event sowed the seed of bitterness in her heart, and she made up her mind to find the killers and get justice, no matter how long it took.

After about 25 years, an accomplice of that case was apprehended by the police. Was this the end of the road for him? Would his new life in Christ prevent him from facing the consequences of his actions? Would God bring new life out of this rubble?

Get all your answers as you watch Jailer. It’s a recent release by Mount Zion Film Productions in collaboration with Faith Lift Productions. It’s absolutely free and available on YouTube.

Don’t watch it alone. Get your children, spouse, friends, and as many people as you can to watch it with you. More so, it is a veritable evangelism tool.

Praying for a greater manifestation of God’s wisdom and strength for the producers as they keep propagating the gospel, Amen.

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