Hello Amazing One,

Happy Monday 🙂 Don’t worry, you may not have heard that before, but it’s our way of wishing you a great start for the new working week.  Plus, it’s less than 48hours to December. What an awesome God!

I heard the Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo say something remarkable during yesterday’s service. He gave an example of a person who might be complaining that the outgoing year has been tough. Yet, the same person is still alive; enjoys divine protection; has a family that is alive and well. In fact, has a working brain with which he/she is using to analyze that God hasn’t done him/her well enough.

Have you found yourself complaining about how the year has panned out so far? God is not even done with you yet. Ecclesiastes 7:8a (The Message) states, “Endings are better than beginnings…”

That is, there are greater things in store for you in the remaining five weeks of the year. However, the only way to access this realm is to be genuinely grateful to God for how much He’s helped you thus far. Not a mechanical approach, but a deep and sincere attitude of gratitude.

God’s blessings always