Hello everyone,

What a beautiful week it has been, we are gradually getting to the end of the first quarter of 2022. We hope you have had a great start to your year and if not, we pray the Lord will visit you throughout the remaining part of the year, in Jesus name, Amen.

On review today is this series by the Mount Zion Film Ministry, Abattoir, that you are likely to have heard about or seen somewhere on social media. However, if you have not, we will fill you in on all the necessary details, no spoilers not to worry.

The storyline follows the life of a young man who is at odds with his father after losing his mother due to some other-worldly secrets he uncovered. The series plays nicely with the transitions between the present and the past, creatively introducing new characters as the story unfolds. The character dynamics and the tension on screen are believable and phenomenal. Yet, the creator of the series has also infused some light-hearted moments to ease of tension as characters bounce off of eachother. Nothing seems out of place and every character gets the right amount of their stories told in a unique way with some similarities, all leading back to the lead character.

The overall theme of the series is unforgiveness but it is also a story of faith, fear, restitution, and the list goes on. As for the title, Abattoir, I think when you watch it, you will immediately get the denotations because there is no explaining it without spoiling the movie. So, we leave that to you to decipher.

The series is currently on its 3rd season, so, if you have never seen it, you can binge watch over the weekend. The series comes with 6 episodes per season, with each episode roughly 45 minutes long, so you get through them quickly. Although the third season is just 3 episodes in, giving it is the latest.

You can watch or catch up on the series on Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s youtube channel. We hope you enjoy watching it and have a wonderful weekend.

God bless,

1nebody Team