Dear Reader,

We bless God that you can be with it us again today, thank you for your continuous support. We pray the Lord will continue to visit you as you engage with everything God is doing through us, Amen.

Today’s showcase is particularly for those in the UK and Europe, something big is coming your way. We do not have the full details yet as the Lord is currently working it all out but the idea of it should get you jumping as you read this.

The most important detail you need to know is that there is going to be an explosive concert, the first of its kind, at the O2 Arena, in the UK this year. This is evidently the mighty hands of God and he is going to fill up that space and his name will be glorified. For now, the anointed ministers of God that would be ministering are Nathaniel Bassey, Dunsin Oyekan, and Victoria Orenze. However, we hope that more powerful men and women of God would join this revival army as everything unfolds.

Again, we can’t say much about this yet as it is still in its early stage but you can follow Nathaniel Bassey on Instagram to get timely updates. For those that are not on social media, trust us to also make another post on this once all the details are confirmed, be on the lookout. We are super excited about this one and we are really looking forward to the move of God in the UK and the start of we are praying would become a global trend. It is time to bring God into unusual spaces and let his glory be seen, hallelujah!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay blessed,

1nebody Team