I hope you are well. It is great to have you here again. It is Review Thursday and we pray the song on today’s review will revive your spirit and strengthen your trust in God, Amen!

If you are familiar with TY Bello, then you must have heard of spontaneous worship. For those that don’t know, TY Bello is a female Nigerian photographer/gospel musician. She organises something called spontaneous worship where she invites ministers of God to engage in pure, unrestricted, spirit-led worship and praise sessions to glorify God. And for this song, she invited a young gospel singer, Sinmidele, and a spoken word poet, Ore Macaulay.

This is a song that celebrates the magnificence and power of the Spirit of God and all the wonderful works he is doing in our world and our lives. It is a song in its purest form with very minimal instrumentals that gets you in the mood of worship and total surrender. The lyrics are very concise which means you start to sing along right into the song.

“Oh how beautiful, it is to see you are moving
You have poured out your spirit on every heart
You have sent forth your word and it has come to pass
What our father and mothers could only foretaste
It is now in our lifetime, the order of the day
Eyes are unveiling
Hearts are aligning
Dead bones are rising
His spirit is moving
Yes and Amen, the spirit is moving”


This is a song of affection that uplifts you to forget whatever it is that worries you and just have a wonderful time in the presence of the Holy Spirit. But it is also a song of affirmation that comes in agreement with the Spirit of God. “Hearts are aligning” and we softly say “Amen Amen” along with the song to the glory of God (2 Cor 1:20). I hope you enjoy your time with the Holy Spirit as you retune your heart to him with this song.

God bless,

1nebody Team