Hello Amazing Readers,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a really good start to the week already. Let’s go right into today’s meditation.

I would like you to read 1 Kings 18:33-39. Please clearly picture this scene and what was happening here as you read this passage. Imagine you were there in person. Pay attention to your feelings and the thoughts going through your mind as you read. It would be nice to hear from everyone reading this, so please drop us a comment.

I find it remarkable that Elijah did the entire opposite, implausible things, of what you would tag as “logical.” He demanded that four jars of water be poured on the bull and wood he prepared. He did not ask for four jars of petrol, kerosene, or any flammable substance. And he asked them to repeat it twice, unbelievable! So, in total, they poured 12 jars of water on the bull. By now, the bull and the wood must be swimming in a puddle. I hope this is steering up your spirit! We all know that water and fire are not compatible. What’s one weapon that firefighters come equipped with when there is fire? Water! So, why would Elijah ask for water to be poured on the wooden alter? I thought, shouldn’t they have poured something flammable that would catch fire quickly, that way, it would make everything easier? God’s consuming fire would catch faster, yea? This was my line of thought.

However, when Elijah prayed, he mentioned that God commanded him to do everything that he did. So, God commanded Elijah to pour that amount of water on the bull, why? Our God is not the God of easy, he is the God of IMPOSSIBLE. God was ruling out every possibility or confusion of human effort (1 Cor 1:27). Stop helping God, he does not need your help. He does not need you to know somebody before you can get your desired job, neither does he need you to bribe anyone to find favour. God wants to show off His glory and power in your life, please let him. God only requires our praise and worship (1 Thess 5:16-18; Rev 4:11). So, please be careful not to take away opportunities that He is creating in your life for his glory to be revealed and His name to be praised (Isaiah 42:8).

God wanted His name to be glorified on Mount Carmel, the same way He wants His name to be glorified in the seasons of our lives. But due to our lack of faith, we reduce the magnitude of what God wants to do in our lives and in a way, help God do what only He can do (Heb11:6). Always looking for a plan B or mitigation to what God has finished. I don’t know what God is instructing you to do, put your complete trust in Him and do exactly as he has instructed you. Don’t waver in your faith and do not let the devil deceive you. No human effort can compete with the power of God, remember the wood that caught fire was drenched.

God bless,