Hello Amazing One,

It’s a beautiful Monday and the start of another working week. Thank God for His faithfulness over our lives. We sincerely apologize for the inability to bring you our Showcase edition over the weekend. We promise to do better by the help of God 🙂

In our last meditation post, we read about Elijah’s miracle episode on Mount Carmel in spite of the seemingly impossible circumstance.

Today, we’re unpacking another lesson from that account. One of my revered mentors usually says, “God is a God of in spite not a God of because.” In this instance, it would have been reasonable to say the fire of God fell on the altar because the conditions were suitable (e.g. sufficient fuel and dry wood, among others).

But, we see that in spite of the seemingly incompatible conditions, the fire of God fell and consumed the sacrifice on Mount Carmel. Talk about the God of in spite.

What’s that situation in your life? You may have prayed and done all that is required of you. Yet, the conditions don’t seem to align in your favour. Perhaps, you have calculated that if God would come through for you, it’d be through ‘x’ and ‘y’ avenues. But, remember His ways are not our ways. God is reminding us through this post that in spite of all, He will turn things around in our favour.

Romans 8:28 (The Passion Translation) states, “So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together for good,  for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose.”

When that situation doesn’t go according to your plans, confidently remind yourself that you serve a God of ‘in spite’ and He’s working all things together for your good. Have a thoroughly blessed week.