Hello Amazing One,

How are things with you? In the past few posts, we’ve shared quite a lot from T.L. Osborn’s masterpiece on soul winning, but we’re not done just yet.  Please come along as we share some additional action points we took from this resource.

  • You can go, sponsor those that go, give towards the publication of materials.
  • Don’t wait for missionary organizations to do it. You are a Christian witness. You can do it.
  • If we take miracles out of Christianity, then about all that we have left is another ceremonial religion.
  • The instruction to witness to all nations applies to men and women.
  • You cannot reach all who are unconverted, but you can reach some of them. You are Christ’s body— His feet, His arms, His lips, His voice. He can only reach lost souls through people like you. He has chosen to trust you with His message.
  • You are God’s connection with those around you. You are His voice, His body. Be His witness. Let Him speak through you.
  • It is urgent that we saturate nations with Christian literature.

One of the beautiful things about this read is its practical nature. Below is a template on how one can steer up soul winning conversations. Perhaps you’ve always wondered how you could, here’s a guide you can adopt:

  1. Have you ever given much thought to spiritual matters?
  2. What would you say is a human person’s greatest spiritual need?
  3. Have you ever thought about your own need of salvation?
  4. What would you say a person needs to do to be saved?
  5. How do you go about receiving salvation?
  6. Could I show you three or four verses about what the Bible says a person must do to receive salvation?

I’d pause here for you to reflect, and most importantly take steps towards becoming a more effective soul winner. There’s much more you can learn when you read this book for yourself. 

This piece is an expanded version of the author’s previous books, Soulwinning-Out where the people are and Outside the Sanctuary. Its introduction is written by Dr LaDonna C. Osborn.

Once again, here’s to a more effective soul winning adventure.

God’s blessings always,