Hello Amazing Reader,

Welcome to another Review Edition.

I’m excited to share the review of this new series because it’s brilliant on every level – story line, characters, production, and most importantly, it is Jesus-centered.

Let’s get into it.

This series centres around three single ladies with quite unique characters and values. First is Kanyinsola (Kanyin). A medical doctor from a wealthy background. She has a great boyfriend, Munachi, a hardworking entrepreneur, who runs his bakery shop. Munachi loves Kanyin and wants to get married already but Kanyin seems to be holding back. What’s preventing Kanyin from going on with this enviable relationship?

Onajite (Jite) is an entrepreneur that sells wigs and other hair products. Although, she is in a relationship with Sammy, it seems to be heading nowhere. This unclarity isn’t helpful for her, considering the constant marital pressure she’s facing from her family as the first born and breadwinner. It will be a grave offence not to mention that Jite’s character brings lots of humor to this series.

The third major character is Ame, or Sister Ame. She is the conservative and pious church girl. Her humility and kindness could be taken advantage of by her boyfriend, Bro Felix. Will this be the case?

Season 1 of this series has seven episodes, all available on Just Us Girls Global Network on YouTube. You are welcome to binge watch or watch in bits. But waste no time before diving in because this is wholesome, beautiful, interesting, suspense-filled and full of lessons. Not just for singles desiring to be married, but spiritual and parenting lessons as well. It will be worth every bit of your time.

Can we appreciate Pastor Mildred Okonkwo, the executive producer of this series. God bless you and your team ma.

Personally can’t wait for Season 2!

God’s blessings always,