Happy New Month! Welcome to your month of divine favour, unmerited grace, and supernatural turnarounds, in Jesus name, Amen!

Have you heard of Gather25? In exactly 1 year from now, a global church will gather to worship, pray, and proclaim the name of the Lord to the world. This is a powerful and bold new Kingdom project by Jennie Allen. This is a never-before-seen project, at least, not that I am aware of. Anyone who identifies as a follower of Jesus Christ, from every continent in the world, from every denomination is invited to a 25-hour gathering of prayer and worship on March 1st 2025 to reach the 5.5 billion people research shows do not know Christ.

I will close with the question that was asked in the introductory video, what would you do about unbelievers if you knew Jesus was coming soon? You can sign up to support the movement or read more about it.

God bless,