Hello everyone,

I hope you’re having a blessed Thursday. Spring is finally here in the UK after we’ve waited and made it through a rainy and cold April. We bless God for this new season that is upon us and I pray that we will all see the goodness of the season in Jesus name, Amen.

On today’s #ReviewThursday is a book we reviewed last week Saturday at our 1nebody book club session. This is a really short read by Pastor Faith Oyedepo. I encourage everyone to read even though from the name, it sounds like it is a book for only married folks. However, from reading it, a lot of the lessons, tips, and instructions shared inside this 38-page book hold true even for other kinds of relationships. Although the book is 38 pages, the main content is covered in 30 pages. So, you see, really short! You can cover this during your lunch break, and you will be glad you did, I promise you.

The book has 7 chapters which go from recognising the real enemy of your marriage or any healthy relationships to understanding the different dimensions at work against your marriage and relationships, and finally, ways to create peaceful homes and fight for your marriage and relationships. I keep slotting in relationships because, like I said, a lot of the things shared can be applied outside of marriages to other relationships like work relationships, friendships etc.

Key Takeaways

  1. The three dimensions that work against your marriage/relationships you need to be mindful of are physical, spiritual, and mental. Not every problem that manifests in the physical requires a physical approach. A lot of times spiritual dealings manifest in the physical. The same can be said for mental as well. The author wrote, “all wars are either won or lost from the mind.” So, you have to be ready to war not only in the physical but in the spiritual, as well as in the mind.
  2. Remember, the real enemy is the devil! Whenever there is a misunderstanding between you and your partner or close friend/family, be reminded that the person is not the problem but the devil. It is only the devil at work, using the situation to his advantage to make things worse. The author highlighted these as the devil’s vices to pit partners/siblings/friends against each other like they are enemies; unforgiveness, comparison, disrespect, and misplaced priorities.
  3. A successful marriage/relationship requires work, time, and energy from both parties or all parties involved and good counsel from God’s word and Godly leaders. Communication is key in order to build a peaceful home. You must respect each other and build trust with intention. When there’s a discord, resolve it in good time and make sure you get to the root of the matter in love with all honesty and openness.

The book closes with other helpful resources that you can engage to build yourself up and be guarded against the deceit of the devil.

God bless,