Hello there, trust your week has been all shades of w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l. Great to have you join us again on this series. I believe you picked up something from last week’s post, if you are yet to catch up on it; it’s still available here.

We’re continuing with the essentials of prayer and fasting; our focus today is on THE WORD OF GOD.

It is almost impossible to successfully pray through without the word of God. The word provides you with the knowledge base for your prayers. While it is very  important to go to Church, listen to your pastor share from God’s word or you share with a group of friends /family at Bible study; feeding yourself by yourself is very vital. This is because, the revelation you personally receive can hardly be taken away from you.

Imagine a student who desires to be an “A” student, yet studies only the materials he/she is provided with by the lecturer. In most cases, it’s the personal extra research here and there that distinguishes such student from the rest of the pack.

How about a lawyer who must present his/her case to a judge in a court of law? Such a lawyer has to be adequately prepared. He/ She needs to be sure to quote the right section/ sub-section of the law to successfully defend the client. You can agree that well-grounded research is a right step in defending any case at all. Dr Myles Munroe (of blessed memory) expounds further in his series on fasting and prayer ; it’ll do you so much good to listen, I promise.

From these scenarios, it is safe to conclude that a word-less believer cannot successfully present a case before the Almighty God. God’s Constitution in Isaiah 43:26 (KJV), says “Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.”

In putting forth your strong reasons, you are not to blame God for what you think He’s done wrong; rather, it is an opportunity to argue your case based on the word of God. Bearing in mind that the stronger your argument, the better assured you are of your victory.

In this season of fasting and prayer (even beyond); be sure to build up your spiritual arsenal.  Feed on the word so much so that, in the day of adversary; you can draw out your necessary weapons.

Imagine how profitable it would be if you embellished your prayer and fasting with the word of God.

Many thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come by again next week for a continuation of this series; and,  bring your friends too.


God’s blessings always,