Recently, I read somewhere that good marriages exist, but they lack good PR (publicity). Thinking about it, I realized it’s such a true statement. 

One of the mantras of the media world is that bad news sells. Which is why the average mind is more skewed towards negative news than positive news. Little wonder the news of bad marriages seem to be everywhere.

Today’s review is a worthy reminder that there are still successful and God-centered marriages today. And in fact, yours could be among the number.

In this episode of Pastor Faith Oyedepo’s program titled, Times of Refreshing, she unpacks the secrets of marital success. Apart from her own example, she shares the stories of couples who have lived happily together for several decades. Imagine being happily married for 90+ years?

I’ll drop some nuggets from the video and leave you to savour the content.

  • You cannot be more successful than you are spiritual- Your spiritual lives as individuals and as a couple is vital towards your marital success.
  • Avoid using derogatory statements on your spouse.
  • There is no his/hers in marriage. No one should feel superior because of what they bring to the table.
  • There is nothing mystical about marital success- you can outline areas of possible weaknesses and be intentional towards making your relationship work.

Intentional; that’s the keyword. Are you interested in making your marriage work, this material is worth exploring. Don’t keep it to yourself when you’re done, share with as many as possible. Let’s improve the PR of good marriages.