Hello Dear One,

It’s the penultimate day of July 2020 💃 God has surely been good!

While I’m never in doubt of God’s goodness, I sometimes feel overwhelmed when it seems there’s too much on my plate. Do you ever feel likewise? Probably due to work, family or societal pressures.

Well, I’m asking not because we’re about to throw a pity party, but to show you that there is a way out. This solution is tested and trusted, I’ve tried it severally and realized how cheap and surmountable those situations really are.

From the song title, one may be wondering whom the plea is directed at, but from the opening line, it’s clearly referring to the Holy Spirit. The first few lines go:

Holy Spirit carry me o

On wings of eagles carry me o

To the place of prayer, carry me o (x2)

Then, we are led to the multi-dimensional ministry of the Holy Spirit- He empowers, guides, helps us to pray, opens us up to understand the Word of God, etc.

Little wonder, Jesus left us with this gift. He knew well ahead that He was capable of the task. However, you’d notice the song writer through this song invites him into a myriad of situations; that’s vital. If you don’t invite Him, He won’t show up for you. Since I learnt this secret, I’ve been inviting Him to every single situation.

In addition, if you’ve been having difficulties praying in the Holy Spirit, this song presents a super viable solution. Imagine leaving it on for some hours or even minutes. In fact, scratch that, once is enough to get you all fired up and ready for a re-launch.

This spirited song is the sixth track on Nathaniel Bassey’s latest album-The King is Coming, which was released in November 2019.

Revel in it all you can, you’ll surely be better for it.  It’s available here.