Hello Dear One,

Trust your week has been all shades of wonderful? All glory to God.

Ever imagined how much of a better place the world would be if every family took the responsibility of training their child(ren) in the way of the Lord? On our review slate today is a resource on parenting. Interestingly, it’s our current read on the 1nebody book club, and it’s been absolutely enlightening. Please come along.

In three parts, eleven chapters and 176 pages, Jack & Deb Graham walk the reader through the subject of parenting from God’s perspective. They emphasize the importance of having a Godly marriage, which is foundational for a courageous parenting journey. They also speak to the need for spiritually preparing for the birth of our children, among other levels of preparation.

Introducing children to a spiritual family (the Church) from very early on in their lives is also emphasized. You’ll most likely come across scriptures that highlight the roles of parenting in a way you have never seen them.

Our world today is in dire need of courageous parents. Those who will neither be afraid of taking a stand for God, nor afraid of introducing their children to Jesus and indeed modelling to them that having Jesus is something to be proud of.

So many invaluable insights are shared through the pages of this book and it’s very much recommended for those who are already parents, parents-in-waiting, and singles too. It’s too packed to be ignored.

Our next book club meet holds on Saturday 16th October at 7pm (WAT). We’ll be closing out on this read and sharing insights on all we’ve read so far. It would be great to have you join us.

Oh, before then, you can get yourself a copy of this book, and begin digging in.

God’s blessings always