Hello Amazing One,

Trust your week has been splendid?

In today’s review edition, we are unpacking a great resource on parenting. We had done a bit of an introductory post some time ago. However, we thought to share additional lessons. Please come along.

  1. Parenting is a lifelong calling. 
  2. God wants us to work on our marriages. He supplies the power that makes it work. 
  3. Courageous parenting is Holy Spirit parenting. 
  4. Our most important and lasting legacy will be our children. This is why there is more emphasis on the home and family as opposed to the marketplace.
  5. If you are successful in raising children who genuinely love God, you have done an award-winning job as a parent.
  6. The same parenting methods and styles don’t work for every child.
  7. Fight for your children’s moral purity, and set the example in speech, dress, and conduct.
  8. Realize that God gave you children not just because He wants  more people out there who look and act like you, but because He wants more people who look and act like Jesus.
  9. We need to help our children understand that God is not keeping sex from them but  is keeping it for them to be expressed in the way He intended.
  10. Fight the good fight in raising your children; they are worth it.

One of the scriptures that stood out in this book is 3 John 4. It’s a prayer that every parent must pray as often as possible – “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

May this be the testimony of every parent, in Jesus name.

God’s blessings always,