Hello Amazing One,

Happy new month to you and yours once again. It’s always a delight to have you stop by. We had a great time at the book club over the weekend, and today we’ll be sharing from one of the videos we reviewed.

Before we get on with the lessons, it’s important to state that this is only for those who desire to be excellent at what they do, and always strive to achieve better results. If you are okay with being mediocre, you could come back to this when you’ve had a change of perspective.

Dr Mike begins this teaching by stating the difference between perfection and excellence. Perfection, he says is the highest quality of excellence; it’s a collection of steps of quality.

He goes on to identify different areas of excellence a person could attain- communication, attitude, family, finances, receiving correction, order, and many more.

While it is possible to be an overall excellent person, it won’t be achieved all at once. For instance, while you are excellent with your finances, you might be struggling with being excellent in receiving correction. However, your ability to identify this as an area of improvement and take actionable steps towards being excellent is a step in the right direction.

Some of the keys to becoming a person of excellence are:

-Define what excellence means to you personally

-Recognize that excellence requires continuous change

-Find people of excellence to emulate

To learn more about becoming a person of excellence, watch the video here. It’ll surely transform you.

God’s blessings always