Hello Amazing One,

Welcome to another Showcase Edition. Trust your week has been great?  We believe your weekend is about to be yet greater.

The Shiloh cloud is getting thicker. We’re now four weeks away from Shiloh 2021, themed, More Than A Conqueror.

In preparing us for the blessings at Shiloh, God has ordained seven Sundays of Pre-Shiloh encounters for His people. This is such that you don’t have to wait until Shiloh begins to have your encounter.

This series commenced on 24th October 2021 across all branches of Living Faith Church worldwide. The prophetic instruction from the Presiding Bishop, Bishop David Oyedepo is for people to come with one desire per service.

Tomorrow, 7th November will be the third in the series, God is set to visit you and turn that one expectation into a testimony. More so, the irresistible weapon of praise will also be engaged during the service. You don’t want to miss out on this.  You can attend in-person the branch closest to you, or connect to the headquarters from 6am (WAT).

In addition, recall we had informed you about The Outpouring? It’s here already.  Tomorrow, 7th November 2021, God will be visiting the nations of the earth through this programme. If you are in Lagos, that is certainly a place to be.

God’s blessings always