“I wonder why almost every service in Living Faith Church is tagged a covenant day of this or that.”

You probably have been asked this question if you are a member of the church who has tried to invite someone else to church, or maybe as a member you’ve been wondering why yourself.

I have been asked the same question, and I did try to respond to the person in the best way possible. But, while listening to one of Bishop Oyedepo’s messages, he addressed this in an unforgettable way.

He said covenants are binding on the involved parties. In this case, yourself and God. So, at any covenant day in Living Faith Church, while you are taught God’s covenant about the topic of the day, you are also taught on your responsibilities. That is, you are taught those things you should do to see the covenant come to pass in your life.

Like Bishop Oyedepo would usually say, “any faith that makes God absolutely responsible for the happenings in your life is an irresponsible faith.”

Tomorrow, 27th February 2022 is a Covenant Day of Fruitfulness service across the Living Faith Church network. Are you trusting God for a child or children? Fruitfulness in your finances, business or any aspect of your life? Make it a date tomorrow.

Come eager to learn what you must do to see the covenant of fruitfulness manifest in your life. You could join the closest branch or join in online from 6 am (WAT).

God bless you.