A Beautiful evening to everyone reading this. Trusting that we are all doing exceptionally great this evening, week, month, and quarter. The month of September is still relatively new and wouldn’t it be an excellent idea to start and end the remaining 4 months of the year with a growth plan? Let’s dive straight into today’s review.

As we are gradually nearing the end of another year, I cannot but reflect on the past months. My conclusion? There is still valuable time to action and achieve whatever plans you made at the start of the year. And more importantly, there is more than enough time for God to show his sovereignty in those plans.

Today, I bring you a devotional by an American pastor, Mike Novotny. In summary and in simple terms, this devotional will shift your focus back to the Master Planner for the remaining part of the year. I highly recommend this and it can be found on the YouVersion Bible app. The devotional takes you through 3 powerful books of the bible, wisdom books of the Bible as the pastor referred to them. It is a 60-day devotional and you will go through Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.

The devotional is well paced and at intervals, there are short videos with Pastor Novotny expanding on what the scripture is revealing per time. On Sundays, you get to reflect on everything you have read through; teachings and learnings of the week or go over whatever you might have missed over the week. If you opt to study this devotional, go in with a heart that yearns to be filled. Referencing Pastor Novotny, savour every verse you read slowly like you would a candy to get all the flavours. Take your time and enjoy every word God is saying to you.

God bless,

1nebody Team