Dear reader,

I am here to remind you today of your true identity, in case the year has been what it has been and you are beginning to forget who Christ made you to be.

God knew YOU before you were born, he formed you and gave you as a gift to the world, that is how much you are worth.

Don’t lose who you are in Christ for any lie the devil will tell.

When YOU came to Christ, he made everything about your life new again. Perhaps you are not with him yet, he will make your life new too if only you come to him. He will change your identity for good!

When the Bible says old things have passed away, old things are not just sins but they also include habits, thinking patterns, weaknesses, mindset…anything holding you back, ungodly. These have all ceased to exist and now, you have a renewed mind through God’s Spirit that is alive inside of you. I didn’t say all these things, God’s word did. And remember, his word is life!

So enough of you projecting the old you, and letting your Godly identity take the backseat. Focus on your strengths and ignore your weaknesses, let your strengths take the center stage. The devil is trying to make you hide from your identity, he wants to make you ashamed of your person. Don’t you know he is only here to kill, steal, and destroy? Please don’t let him, and don’t lose your identity to him because you are CHOSEN (1 Peter 2:9). Never forget that!

Please repeat this until your soul believes it: I am who I am in Christ, and my peace rests in God Almighty. 

God bless,