Hello Amazing Reader,

Compliments of the season!

In the recently concluded Hallelujah Challenge, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey introduced participants to the Gospel jam- Jesus Iye. If you are African (especially), you know when something leaves your mouth open ajar with your hand on your head, it is something marvelous. May the wonders of God that’ll have you this way, singing Jesus Iye be your testimony in this crowning season of 2023.

As believers though, we’re not only to rejoice and give thanks to God when our testimonies manifest. Thanksgiving and praise is also an act of faith. You can begin to dance your Jesus Iye steps in faith and the God of all possibilities will surely visit you in Jesus name.

The chorus states:

Jesus Iye
You Have Done It Again
Jesus Iye
In Your Special Way
What Was Impossible
You've Made Possible
Jesus Iye

Jesus Iye is one of Pastor Nathaniel Bassey’s latest songs released in November 2023. Enjoy this gospel jam!

God’s blessings always,


*Image source: YouTube