Hello Amazing Reader, 

How’s March coming along for you? I pray the mighty hand of God continues to rest upon you and all you represent in Jesus name. 

Have you ever been in a situation where all you can say is the name of Jesus?  Or you’ve prayed all you can about an issue, but it persists? This song, I Speak Jesus reminds me that the name of Jesus is an all-purpose weapon which I can always apply. It brings power, healing, life, breaks strongholds, and so much more. 

Your name is power
Your name is healing
Your name is life 
Break every stronghold 
Shine through the shadows 
Burn like a fire  

You can also speak the name of Jesus when praying for others, whether you know what to pray about or not. You can declare the name of Jesus over your family, society, nation…indeed over anything and everything. 

Shout Jesus from the mountains 
Jesus in the streets 
Jesus in the darkness over every enemy 
Jesus for my family 
I speak the holy name 
Jesus (Jesus) 

As you listen to this song, begin to speak the name of Jesus over every situation and people that come to mind. Let’s apply this all-purpose weapon and watch those situations turn to testimonies in Jesus name, Amen!

I speak Jesus was released in 2021 and it’s been a tremendous blessing to me since I first heard it in 2022. I hope it blesses you too.

God’s blessings always,


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